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September 18 2017

Uncle Night King
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Somebody help him

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The fact that a woman who appreciates herself and loves every inch of her body and her mind is perceived as arrogant and vain whereas a woman who struggles with self esteem issue is more or less the norm and seen as modest clearly shows how society is trying to belittle woman and trick them into thinking they somehow have to feel inadequate all the time.

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Fight training behind the scenes with Gwendoline Christie and Maisie Williams.

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a genre-aware white haired anime boy that dyes his hair in protagonist colours in an attempt to avoid his tragic fate

Anime mom untying her side ponytail when shit starts going down to avoid death

black-haired rival anime boy who talks way too much to avoid being the silent but respected rival

Pink haired anime girl who avoids the protagonist at all costs because she has zero interest in him and doesn’t want to become the love interest.

disproportionately large-breasted anime girl who only wears baggy sweaters and ankle-length pleated skirts in ugly plaids because she doesn’t want to become the fanservice character

now imagine all this in a single anime


I’m such a fan of low soft lighting like turn off that room light and turn on a lamp bitch

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everything takes commitment and nothing is worth committing to

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okay but did they lie tho…

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I was just thinking how cool it would be to turn my two couches into some kind of mega comfy living room nest and then I remembered I live alone and there is literally nothing that can stop me from doing this.


Did it.


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More photos of David Tennant and Michael Sheen filming Good Omens today (unknown original source)

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